Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I hear these awesome prayers when I go to Church, but when I pray, I can't find those same beautiful words for myself. I really try, but they just don't come to me. When I talk to the Father, I talk, I praise, I tell Him my sorrows, I tell Him my worries, and I thank Him for the blessings that He gives me daily. But to me that is not the same as the awesome prayers that I have heard, in church, in Bible study groups, or from other Christians. So I am quite shy about praying in front of others.

But I received the following email, and it was so awesome, that I had to pass it on to everyone. The email is Monday Moments, and I get them every Monday (yeah, I know I am late, but what else is new...LOL), and they are so awesome. If you read this and you are interested in receiving these every Monday, please feel free to send your request to Michael Halleen, , and let him know that you would like to subscribe to his list, I know you won't be sorry!!

Have a Blessed Day!!


Monday Moment

February 4, 2008

For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light. (Psalm 36:9)

I have found that that many people want to pray—or think they ought to pray—but feel they cannot. They hear passionate or formal prayers in the church and are convinced that if that is what it takes, they will never be able to pray. So I offer here a few simple prayers I use, all borrowed from others and changed to fit me. Use them if they help you. But it is also okay to pray in your own words, however uncertain they may be. God is not concerned about eloquence. A simple thought simply expressed to God is profound prayer.

Beginning the day.... God, thanks for bringing me to this new day. I accept it as a gift from you. Lead me in every problem I face and every decision I make. Help me to treat people kindly and truthfully. If I should forget you at some point today, may I at least remember that you don’t forget me.

Needing guidance.... Lord, I need direction. Make my mind alert. Deepen my understanding. Help me to be willing to do what you want for me rather than what’s easy or familiar. Keep me sensitive to your will and always ready to follow it.

Facing crisis.... Father in Heaven, what I do at this moment may affect the rest my life. Help me to think straight and creatively. Calm my mind so that ideas and insights might come to me as they are needed. I lay the whole matter before you. Show me what to do and how to do it.

Feeling hurt.... Dear God, I feel wounded and unhappy. Help me to rise above my feelings. Pour your love on this pain in my spirit and heal it so I won’t carry this hurt any more.

Worrying about tomorrow.... Lord, I admit that I’m worried. Sometimes my faith in you is weak. Touch me with your peace. Help me to know that you are God and that I don’t need to be afraid. I give myself into your grace and ask for your comfort.

Before eating.... God, thanks for all the good things of life—for food, for loved ones, for our home, for everything that makes life good. We owe it all to you.


FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh GOSH!! I wish I had these this morning when I woke up ugly as a hornet!!! I need to slow down sometimes and RELAX!!! Great reminders!!

Happywife84 said...

I loved this!! Thank you!