Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Garbage Trucks

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but I have been so busy!! It has been a very rough week or so, and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon...LOL. Praying that everyone that reads this message today will take it to heart, because I need to learn this one myself.

Good message, don't take any Garbage this week.

How often do you let other people's nonsense change your mood?
Do you let a bad driver, rude waiter, curt boss, or an insensitive employee ruin your day?
Unless you're the Terminator, for an instant you're probably set back on your heels.
However, the mark of a successful person is how quickly she can get back her focus on what's important.
Sixteen years ago I learned this lesson.
I hopped in a taxi, and we took off for Grand Central Station.
We were driving in the right lane when,
all of a sudden, a black car jumped out of a parking space right in front of us.
My taxi driver slammed on his breaks, skidded,
and missed the other car's back end by just inches!
The driver of the other car, the guy who almost caused a big accident,
whipped his head around and he started yelling bad words at us.
My taxi driver just smiled and waved at the guy.
And I mean, he was friendly.
So, I said, "Why did you just do that?
This guy almost ruined your car and sent us to the hospital!"
And this is when my taxi driver told me what I
now call, "The Law of the Garbage Truck."
Many people are like garbage trucks.
They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment.
As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it.
And if you let them, they'll dump it on you.
When someone wants to dump on you, don't take it personally.
You just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on.
You'll be happy you did.
I started thinking, how often do I let Garbage Trucks run right over me?
And how often do I take their garbage and spread it to other people:
at work, at home, on the streets?
It was that day I said, "I'm not going to do it anymore."
I began to see garbage trucks.
Like in the movie " The Sixth Sense," the little boy said, "I see Dead People."
Well, now "I see Garbage Trucks." I see the load they're carrying.
I see them coming to drop it off. And like my Taxi Driver, I don't make it a personal thing;
I just smile, wave, wish them well, and I move on.
One of my favorite football players of all time, Walter Payton, did this every day on the football field.
He would jump up as quickly as he hit the ground after being tackled.
He never dwelled on a hit.
Payton was ready to make the next play his best.
Good leaders know they have to be ready for their next meeting.
Good parents know that they have to welcome their children home from school with hugs and kisses.
Leaders and parents know that they have to be fully present, and at their best for the people they care about.
The bottom line is that successful people do not let Garbage Trucks take over their day.
Life's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so..
Love the people who treat you right.
Forget about the ones who don't.
Believe that everything happens for a reason.
If you get a chance , TAKE IT!
If it changes your life , LET IT!
Nobody said it would be easy...
They just promised it would be worth it!

Monday, November 12, 2007

God Can

I had a show to do Saturday, and Bubba went with me, because I need help moving the boxes and getting the things set up. Well, on the way down, a car crossed the center line and almost hit us head on...and right before I just yelled "God!!"... Bub was really scared, and I let him know that everything was ok...but I had to think, why did I yell, "God!!"...and I kept thinking about it, and it was like, I wanted to get His attention, like he wasn't paying attention...and then it hit me..that's how I have felt the past two weeks...and that was very humbling, VERY HUMBLING!!! I actually felt like God wasn't paying attention to what happened to me in my life, which I truly know is not the truth...but I got a whole new perspective on where my mind has been, and that is sad...But it was an eye-opener. Actually, when I first thought about me yelling for God's attention, the mental picture that I got was so silly, it was funny...but then I thought about it a bit more, and I became very humbled...


God Can

When you feel unlovable, unworthy and unclean,
When you think that no one can heal you,
Remember, Friend,
God Can.

When you think that you are unforgivable
For your guilt and your shame
Remember, Friend,
God Can.

When you think that all is hidden
And no one can see within
Remember, Friend,
God Can.

And when you have reached the bottom
And you think that no one can hear
Remember my dear Friend,
God Can.

And when you think that no one can love
The real person deep inside of you
Remember my dear Friend,
God Does.