Monday, August 11, 2008

What a weekend!!

This was a weekend of ups and downs....

Saturday we went to the Red Lion Street Fair and we had a ball!! My husband was supposed to be working, but he surprised me and left work early and came to walk around the fair with me!! I was so happy he did that!! But I think it had something to do with me calling him and telling him that there was pit beef there...LOL Here's a pic of the Fair, and as you can tell, we had beautiful weather for the fair...

And Sunday, was a sad day for us. We had been given two gerbils about a week and a half ago, because the people who had them could no longer take care of them. So we took them and one of them looked really sick and I didn't think the she was going to make it, and she didn't. She died yesterday, and the boys were upset. Coty took it really bad, and Elijah volunteered to bury her. So each of them grieved in their own way. Here's a picture of the two gerbils that we got, the grey and white one is Noon, the one in front (and she is the one who died), and the dark one is Midnight. The boys picked out the names, and I thought they were cute!!

Well, that was our weekend!! How was yours?



Jen M said...

How cute, what great names!
Thanks for stopping by on my blog today.

Cris said...

We just recently had a fair by us last month. I only went to help my church pass out bottled water, but it is cool seeing some of the things that they have there. And of course I couldn't leave without picking up an elephant ear for my DH. LOL

I'm sorry to hear about your gerbil. It's difficult to lose a pet.


Lisa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog also.

I cant believe your son had to have 5 stitches from a big splinter... Poor thing! It's good he healed well and the stitches are out.

Sorry for the loss of the gerbil, I always bawled like a baby when I lost a hamster.