Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm Back!!

They (the powers that be at found that my blog was "a potential spam blog". Now, as you read this, look around and see what you see on my blog, I don't see it as a spam blog, but I guess their electronic spam detector thought so, and blocked my blog. I didn't know that they had released it until I just went on today, I would have thought an apology was due, but I guess I am wrong. Ok, I am done...I got that off my let's move on...

As for Coty's is looking really good. I spent a long time this weekend cleaning it out, and trying to get the dried blood and build up of antibiotic off of it, and it looked really good. He is walking on it, and he doesn't need the crutches anymore. He said it feels like a bee sting, but the swelling is gone. I am taking him to the doctor's Friday to take out the stitches!! I have a note on the frig that he is getting his stitches out on Friday and underneath it he wrote "YAY!!", so he is ready!!

Bub and Coty start football practice next week, so I pray that Coty's foot is healed enough by then. But I think that since he is getting his stitches out on Friday and he plans to do alot of walking around this weekend, I am praying that he will be fine for Monday!!

Ok, that's all for me, for today!! Hope everyone has a blessed day!!!