Saturday, September 1, 2007

Made it through the first week of school and football practice

.....and it was in no way easy!!! I love this time of year, because I LOVE FOOTBALL!!! But for some reason the behind the scene work is not as fun. This week I dealt with bruises, that really look like the face mask on their helmets, and cleat marks, which are also quite distinct. Then there was the "Mom, I can't find my mouthpiece", and I just don't understand, if it was in your mouth, and you took it out and were told to put it in your duffle bag, where did it go?? Because I know my children always listen to me, don't yours?? But, for some reason, we never found the mouthpiece, and the coach did give him another one. And then, I have saved the best for last, the other football players on the team are stealing cleats. Now, this one I have not understood. If each boy has everything that they need, because of course everyone listens to their parents when they tell them something, why would you take a pair of cleats from another child?? Or even better, why do they only take one?? What is with that?? I have to check again, but I think every boy that is on the team has two feet.

Well, gotta break up a fight, I think they are fighting over air, or something really important!!