Thursday, September 20, 2007

In the Middle of the Storm

My husband received really bad news last night, I need prayers. My husband's childhood friend, tried to commit suicide about three weeks ago, and he was taken to the hospital and has been on machines ever since. Well, we received news last night that they will be taking him off the machines today, because they don't think he will make it. This was a very hard blow to my husband, and I can't even imagine what my husband's friend's family is going through. Please keep my husband, his friend, and both families in your prayers.

That is why I chose this message for today...

In the Middle of the Storm

In the middle of the storm, I felt God smile
All my fears faded, if only for a while
Though it was dark and stormy, the tempest winds flew
In that darkest moment, I knew I'd make it through

I felt that peaceful smile, shine down from above
All in an instant, I was flooded with His love
The storm was not yet over, had a fight ahead
I had to take hold of the Bible words I'd read

Remember that He loves you, He shall never leave
Cast your cares upon Him, and in His name believe
He's the breath that I breathe, the Rock of Salvation
He's the Lord Almighty, God of all creation

So when your tempest hits, and darkness is around
Know that God is with you, and feel His peace deep down
Know that you can make it, that God will keep you strong
The darkness will fade and the Light will come along


FlipFlop Mom said...

Honey.. I'm praying for you.. PLEASE PLEASE update us when you get a moment.. LOVE YOU GIRL!!!