Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Boys and fighting

I know that kids fight, it is normal, or so they tell me. But for me it is not normal to lose my mind daily. My boys are notorious for fighting over silly things, and I say silly, because they are silly to me. There are a few fights that stick out in my mind, and the one that sticks out in my mind is the one that they fought over air. YUP, you read it right, they fought over air (now, I told you they have silly fights). I make candles, and sometimes the UPS guy gets in his commando gear to deliver my packages. I love seeing that brown truck, because I know it has goodies for me in it!! Well, anyway, on this particular day, I received some goodies, and my goodies were packaged with plastic bags puffed up with air (I know you know where this is going). And yes, there was only ONE!! And since I have two younger boys, and each of them wanted it, they fought over it. THEY FOUGHT OVER A BAG OF AIR!!! What is wrong with them? I try so hard to resolve the conflict like Donna Reed would had, but for some reason I wind up looking like some creature that would terrify Freddy Kruger!!

But I do have to say something in defense of my boys, they would take up for each other. There have been a few memories that I have of my boys taking up for each other, but there are two that stand out. My youngest was being picked on by a bully in the neighborhood, and my oldest (**my youngest and oldest DO NOT GET ALONG AT ALL!!**), went after the boy and chased him up on a roof!! I thought it was quite funny myself, I did get a good laugh out of that one. And another time was when my middle boy, was having a problem with a boy on another football team, and my youngest came out, eating a yogurt and he was listening to the partial story and all he said was, "What's his number?"(he was asking for his number on his football jersey). And my middle boy knew what he was saying, and he said, "oh, no you don't", I got a chuckle out of that one too.

I know that they will look back on all of these times and they will get a chuckle out of them too!!


jayedee said...

there ought to be a law about putting only one padding pillow in a package! LOL