Monday, December 1, 2008

What did you do with your leftovers??

We bought a 20# turkey, and on Thanksgiving, we all but picked the bones..hehe. And my boys and hubby loved it!! Then we made a plate for hubby's friend, because he was alone on Thanksgiving, and we gave him some extra turkey so that he can have plenty of leftovers. We asked him to come join us, but he didn't, so we dropped off him a plate.

But we still have leftovers, and we had to finish them off yesterday or pitch them, and I wasn't into pitching them out, so I made soup!! And once hubby and I cut everything up to go in the soup, I realized it wasn't as much as I thought it was going to be. So I did what any frugal mama would do, I made rice!! Yeah, you heard me right, I made rice, and lots of it!! See this is what I did, I make about 4 cups of rice and what I did was, put the rice in the bottom of the bowl, and them pour some of the soup over top of it!! And the soup lasted much longer then what I thought it was going to, and everyone was pleasantly stuffed!! Plus, hubby took the rest of leftover soup and rice today for lunch!!

And that is my tip for the day, when you are making soup and you don't think you have enough, or you want to make it stretch, make some rice!!! Your family will love it!!! Now you can also use noodles, but rice is much cheaper and I bought 50#'s of it, and it is in abundance in my home...LOL

I have been keeping in tabs on Cindy's Porch, and if you have never been there, please go check her site out!!! She is great!!! And has bunches of great ideas that will help with your holiday shopping, gift giving and cooking/baking!!

Well, I am going to go on "PITCH-OUT-PATROL", and no one will be happy with that one...LOL

Blessings to you!!!


jayedee said...

i loveeeeee turkey soup. it doesn't feel like thanksgiving unless i make soup out of my poor old turkey carcass! good to see you blogging again girl! i missed you!