Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm back, Again!!!

I have neglected my blog for over a month, and I have to apologize for that. So this post may be a bit long, so be prepared..hehe...Since I last posted, this is what has been going on in my life...

I lost both of my guinea pigs. It was a very sad time, but we have had them for about 6-7 years and that is about how long they last. They were really good pets and I would highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for a great pet, but understand, once they are gone, you may not want to "replace" them, because that's what my boys said when their guinea pigs died.

I have been the "Football Mom" for my boys!! They have had practice everyday and their games are once a week, and we are going to their games. They are both doing well, and I am very proud of both of them. As a matter of fact, my Coty told me last night that he is going to be sad when football is over!! And you his mama will too!!!

I am getting ready for the holiday season, and it's not what you probably are thinking. I make and sell my soy candles, and that's what I have been working on, getting my stock up. I really love going to shows and doing shows, but the preparation is what is hard for me. But if I do as much as I can now, it won't be so hard later in the season.

Just this past weekend our family went to see the movie, Fireproof!! And I would recommend it for anyone, and everyone!! I loved that movie and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD so that I can get it and watch it whenever I want. I was looking for the soundtrack for the movie, but I haven't seen it, so if you come across it, please let me know so that I can get it. And this weekend, I bought The Love Dare for my husband and I, and we are taking 40 days to go through this program for us!! And I would recommend it for any couple!!

Ok, and the last thing I am going to post about is a recipe that made up last week. I have 50# of potatoes and 5 cases of beans, so I tried to make a potato soup that I could put in the crock pot, and I have to tell ya, it is really good. Here's the recipe...

1 40oz Butter beans (drained and pureed)
1 1/4 c water
1 c milk
1 regular size can of Cream of Chicken
2 tbsp minced onion(I used dry)
10 med potatoes cut in big chunks, and leave the skin on
1 stick of butter
3 tbsp dry parsley
1 tsp old bay (optional)
salt and pepper to taste

Mix all the ingredients together in your crock pot, cook on low for about 6 hours, stir every now and then, and dinner is served.

Here's a pic, in my crock pot, the picture may not look that great (because my camera is broken..*sigh*.....long story), but it is really good!!!

Blessings to you,


~Bev~ said...

I was also looking for the fireproof sound track, and as of yet their is not one "officially" but if you go to it is under the music tab, and for like 7 bucks you can down load the entire 7 songs from i tunes! I think that is about the only way you can get them right now w/o buying all of the cd's.{YIKES}