Monday, June 23, 2008

I am from...

I saw this on Life in the Lost World and I really loved it and I have to write my own " i am from..."

So here it is...

i am from Charlie Brown cookies from The New System Bakery

i am from walks up to the Avenue on warm summer mornings

i am from running through puddles after a warm summer rain

i am from my Grandma's apron, my Pappy's cedar chest, and my aunt's heartwarming smile

i am from drawing on the front steamed window during Thanksgiving

i am from Eleanor, Joesph, John and Pearl

i am from the beginning of cable and MTV

i am from learning to tie, while Grandma watched the Beverly Hillbillies

i am from baking the Thanksgiving turkey upside down and Pappy's goat milk

i am from using radiators to warm and dry our clothes after a snowball fight

i am from catholics, methodists and native americans

i am from hampden, hampstead, glen rock and red lion

i am from green eyes and wavy hair

i am from my Pappy's boldness and my mother's determination

i am from walking through the cool creek feeling the smoothness of the rocks under my naked feet

i am from playing wiffleball in the back alley and using the neighbor's car bumper for 3rd base

i am from being a survivor, and never a victim

i am from having three beautiful boys and being blessed with not one of them being born under 8 pounds

i am from seeing God's Hand in my life, so many times

i am from respecting your elders, and thinking of others first

i am from how a death could give me life

i am from Old Bay, Etteman's, Berger Cookies, Mary Sue Easter Eggs and Spatini

i am from family from the history books, and those who are in my own private history book

i am from wearing my grandmother's wedding dress, and the only one who has worn it since her

i am from Milk-o-Mats is where we got our milk on Sunday if we happened to run out

i am from having family on just about every block I could walk to in my neighborhood

i am from stores actually being closed on Sundays, and there not be a problem with it

i am from a city that seemed like a dot on a map when I was little, and now is a well known town (but I liked it better when I was younger)

i am from strong stock and weak moments

i am from slow, lazy days and years that fly by in a blink

i am part of a family that has deep roots and but stand alone

i am....