Monday, June 23, 2008

Got some great news!!!!

It has been over 12 days since my last cigarette, and I really have no urge to smoke at all!!! Hubby and I have been using Chantix, and it is great!! I have quit before, but not like this, I truly have no urge to smoke another cigarette, and it is AWESOME!! Don't get wrong, it was reallllllllly hard in the beginning, but with an enormous amount of prayer and willpower, I have not smoked for 12 days!! The biggest thing for me to do is to be constantly doing something, because if I sat still, I wanted a cigarette. Hubby and I decided to start this when we went down the ocean for our vacation, and it worked great!!! We both have stopped. The decision, besides truly wanting to quit, was it was getting down to the point where we had to decide whether to buy cigarettes or to buy gas. And at that point, I knew that we really needed to stop, and we have.

Hubby and I have noticed a difference in our life without smoking, and we both have probably put on a few pounds, but I would much rather put on a few pounds then to continue smoking. And since we have quit smoking, things don't taste or smell the same as before. So I don't know if that is a good or bad thing...hehe

Well, I had to give the great news to ya!!! And I should be back to posting regularly after today!!


I had to share this with you today, you have probably seen this one before, but I love it!!! Have an awesome day!!!


FlipFlop Mom said...

Ummm.. NO I have never seen that.. LOL LOL LOL...

CONGRATS on the smoking.. AGAIN!! YOu can do this.. and your kids will THANK YOU!!

Homestead in the City said...

Gongrats on the smoking! I smoke and really want to quit although I have not attempted it in a while. I am lifting you up to God. Through His grace you will be healed from this addiction.